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It’s that time of year!!! I hope this holiday season finds you well.

This month is very special to me for many reasons. One of my favorite Christmas memories is visiting my grandmother in New Jersey and sharing secret laughs with my father across the dinner table because we could never understand why she insisted on making mashed turnips every year when she was the ONLY person that ate them. Soon after Christmas, I get to celebrate another year of life and the holiday that gave me my name — Kwanzaa. After our yearly trip to New Jersey, my family returns to Atlanta to spend our Kwanzaa days curled up in our living room sharing the fruits we’ve reaped that year and how we can best sow our seeds for the next. And boy do I have some seeds to sow!

In 2012, after over two years of performing throughout NYC and beyond, I will proudly present an evening featuring my own choreography at a theater in Brooklyn! And I need YOUR help to make this performance a success.

Here’s how:

These funds will help cover rehearsal space, videographers & photographers, costumes, and, most importantly, paying the dancers.

I hope you can find a small space in your heart this holiday season to help me sow my seeds of success. Every dollar truly counts, and no donation is too small. Remember,

After all, I am because we are, and because we are therefore I am. As we say during Kwanzaa,

HARAMBEE! Let’s all pull together!

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