You’ve heard what led me to produce this performance.

You’ve met a phenomenal group of featured artists.

You’ve even gotten a glimpse of our rehearsal process.

AND if you have already made a donation, your generosity is GREATLY appreciated!!!

If you haven’t made a donation, TIME IS ALMOST UP! Our indiegogo campaign is only open UNTIL 11:59pm TONIGHT!

Remember, your funds support:

  • rehearsal space
  • lighting designers
  • a videographer AND photographer
  • costumes
  • reception goodies (because you know us southern folks like to feed guests!)
  • and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, payment for the lovely dancers that are generous enough to support this endeavor.

We humbly and graciously accept any amount you can offer. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!

And OF COURSE we hope to see you
at tonight’s performance!

8pm SHARP at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
(421 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215).
Tickets WILL be available at the door.


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