Now Entering 2012, the Year of the Dragon…

Happy new year!

I gotta be honest, 2012 has already thrown me some hard curve balls, and I know the fire has just begun! But there are two things my father would always tell me as a child that remain close to my heart and spirit…

“To stumble is not to fall, but to move forward faster.”
“As you keep taking steps on your journey, you will be met with universal grace.”

In one week, 6 people were truly MY universal grace. Their donations to my production, “…first…”, reminded me through every moment of doubt and frustration that I have not fallen. That my dream is valuable. That I AM taking the steps meant for MY journey.

Take a moment to check out the show on IndieGoGo and also share it with your friends.

All the tools are there.  Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates.
The Year of the Dragon is approaching. My fire is burning, but I can always use a little extra fuel. Please ignite the flame by continuing to share and support “…first…” 

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